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Zara Carpenter outside INTRA in customised clothesA special fashion event is happening at INTRA on June 7th, and we’re very excited about it indeed! Swap Pimp & Wear is a clothes swap with a difference. Bring along clothes, swap them with whatever takes your eye, and then our team will help you to perk up them up with embroidery, printing, appliqué, trims and all sorts of other embellishments. We’ll also be able to advise you how to alter the clothes to fit.

Zara Carpenter, Frances Cowper Holzhausen, Alison Blackburn and Xtina Lamb will be using their combined fashion and textiles expertise to make this day fabulous for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned charity shop fashionista, a bargain hunter or just bored with your wardrobe, you’ll come away with ideas a-plenty plus some new clobber.

It’s a benefit for INTRA as well as a chance to have a lot of fun. If you pre-register it’s only £2 to get in, and the first 15 people to grab tickets will get a two minute head start on the swapping. £4 on the door if there are tickets left on the day.

We’ll be showing a selection of customised clothing from Monday 1st June until the event, so you can see some of the ideas you could try out on the day.

Have a look at the full event details and pre-register here.

Zara, Alison and Frances sorting through the haberdashery stash

Zara, Alison and Frances sorting through our haberdashery stash

Zara's customised top and accessories

Zara’s customised top and accessories

Shirt printed with a heart

Shirt printed with a heart

Embroidered top

Embroidered top


Customised Love / Hate shoes



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