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Shadow Shop – Circo Rum Ba Ba

Circo Rum Ba Ba’s performance of shadow puppet show ‘Shadow Shop’

Circo Rum Ba Ba’s new act Shadow Shop places an exquisite shadow theatre show inside empty shops so that audiences watch from outside, through the window. Following their performance in our windows at INTRA in January, we have asked them to return on Thursday 3rd March so that more people can enjoy this magical feast for the eyes.

The show uses shadow theatre following a rural village as it is built up into a noisy, smoky city and its magical transformation from grey and treeless, back to verdant green. The plant-costumed performers then grow through the screen – becoming part of a jungle.

Plant people climb through the screen and begin a jungle performance at INTRA

The show is inspired by the pioneer silhouette film maker Lotte Reiniger who also showed her work in shop windows so that it was accessible to a wider audience. It involves sumptuous costumes and set, an especially composed soundscape, intricate shadow puppets, comedy and acrobatics and combines shadow puppets with physical performance. The audience are given seeds to plant at the end of the show.

Book free tickets to secure seats for a show, but there will also be standing room available if you show up on the day. Suitable for children and adults of all ages to enjoy.

Please note: there are flashing lights for a section of the show. 

Thursday March 3rd 2022, Performance times: 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm, 4.30pm


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