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Trans Portraits

Transgender Day Of Visibility portraits by Chris Floyd, with trans and progress pride flags

Through April 2022 we were proud to host an exhibition of photographic portraits by Chris Floyd and Denis Robinson – to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility.

The exhibition, sponsored by Medway Pride CIC and Medway Pride Radio, included a selection of portraits shot by Chris Floyd for Mens Health magazine, to give visibility for trans men in sport. Selections from Denis Robinson’s project Proud Portraits, for which he photographed 150 queer people representing ‘every strand of light within the LGBTQ+ rainbow’, made up the other half of the exhibition.

Alongside these beautiful and striking portraits were the transgender, non-binary, and progress pride flags. An essay ‘Navigating Healthcare As A Transgender Man’ by Jason Potts was also on display, detailing some of the challenges he’d faced during his transition.

Proud Portraits by Denis Robinson, with non-binary flags

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