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Look, I’m wearing all the colours

One of our favourite artists, with one of our favourite projects, Rikard Osterlund showed the dummy of his photobook ‘Look, I’m wearing all the colours‘ as part of the Sick! Living With Invisible Illness exhibition last year, and in many ways it encapsulates the whole project perfectly. An honest depiction of living with chronic illness, with all the love, hurt, strength and vulnerability that entails.

In Rikard’s words it is “an intensely intimate visual exploration of a relationship lived with invisible illness as a third person. It explores my journey as both husband and photographer trying to understand my wife’s illness. It is a love story full of dignity, empathy and passion.”

Photobook by Rikard Osterlund with some of the images from the book displayed on the wall.

Following the overwhelmingly encouraging response to the Sick! exhibition at Sun Pier House, Rikard has been looking for a way to publish his book and reach a wider audience. He launched a Kickstarter campaign, and it’s just reached 100% of it’s target with three days left to go.

As well as copies of the book, there are some seriously good rewards for backing the project. A location photoshoot with Rikard for a band / family whatever you like, one of his Wet Plate portrait sessions for a tintype image of yourself Victorian-style, even cinnamon buns along with his recipe (baking is another of his talents), or you can back the project with any amount if you’d just like to donate. The goal was set with just the costs for producing the book in mind, so everything beyond that will help to take the project further and make it a success.

We are so delighted the campaign is funded, and can’t wait to see the final book in print. Congratulations Rikard and Zara!

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