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Autumn Jumble Sale


It’s back! The INTRA Jumble Sale is gearing up for Saturday 27th October, and we can’t wait to see what shows up for sale. Back in February’s jumble there were loads of books and clothes, dressing up things and toys, picture frames, a lava lamp, boxing gloves, ice skates, fabric, curtains, craft supplies, and piles of amazing Red Bubble clothing, bags and cushions amongst the random wares for sale.

Elbows at the ready for a 11am start, and you’ll get a raffle ticket with your 50p entry. The raffle draw will be at 11.30am.

All the proceeds will go towards running our not-for-profit community arts studio, and the left over jumble will go to homeless charities and people in need.

Donations of jumble are appreciated in the run up to the event if you’re having a clear out or have something you’d like to give us for the raffle. Please drop off to INTRA or email intraarts@gmail.com / call 01634 753299 to arrange a pick up if you have a pile of jumble for us. Thank you!

INTRA is on the part of Rochester High Street where it meets Chatham, near Cycle King bicycle shop and next to Little Roc Cafe.

Facebook event for the Jumble, please invite your friends!


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