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‘Map Series’ and ‘Boundary Lines’

November’s exhibition, curated by Jas Dhillon, brings two Margate-based artists to our windows: ‘Boundary Lines’ – Geoffrey Chambers’ ink on paper works, and Catherine Chinatree’s ‘Map Series’ assemblages. These two collections of work compliment each other in scale and themes, exploring geography, heritage and invisible boundaries.

This is the second of our three guest curated shows, made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Windows gallery with Map Series (left) and Boundary Lines (right)

Catherine Chinatree is a dual heritage artist exploring place and identity. Most of her inspiration comes from the outside world of everyday life, our daily activities, symbolism/rituals, and the people she meets. 

Catherine links image, sound and video clips that she has captured from around the world, with appropriated historical archives and family portraits. Distorting the likeness of people and places, to take on new perspectives, through paint, collage and installation. The assembling of objects, both pre fabricated and made, allows her to piece together a fictional reality, whilst connecting contrasting elements.

Instagram: @catherinechinatree

Map Series by Catherine Chinatree

For ‘Boundary Lines’ Geoffrey Chambers selects a number of works in ink on paper, made between 2018 – 2021. 

Ultimately boundary lines are invisible curated constructs. Sometimes geographic – of nation and state. Boundary lines often appear real, yet are no more real than the boundary of the emotional, the intimate, the ancestral, or other invisible unreal boundaries of race, gender, class, mental well being or health. 

Through his work Geoffrey invites us to go beyond the physical and explore the many boundary lines that exist in our own minds and how they got there. 

Instagram: @imalion1

Boundary Lines by Geoffrey Chambers

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