Home Education Classes

INTRA welcomes people of all ages and we’ve been really happy to host regular creative sessions for home education groups. We run weekly activities, alternating between craft and printmaking, in mixed age classes where parents attend and can also join in if they want to.

giant-roller-relief-printsMedway Fine Printmakers deliver the printmaking classes and the sessions are led by Xtina Lamb, focussing on a different hand printed technique each week. Recently we have explored monoprinting with Gelli plates, relief methods with rollers to make giant sea-themed collaborative prints, and drypoint etching where we drew onto metal or acrylic plates with sharp tools, inked them up and then ran them through an etching press with dampened paper.

SFX-makeupUnravel and Unwind have hosted a wide variety of craft and creative classes for home ed groups. This year they have been focussing on sewing skills, learning how to use electric sewing machines, making hand puppets, cushion covers, rice filled heat pads, cuddly monsters and stuffed rabbits with Faye Lamb, and Rachel from Bette Love. Another group recently learnt special effects make-up with Riven Gray, covering each other in realistic-looking bruises and finding out how to make edible fake blood!

The cost of these classes are kept low in order to be affordable, and we can tailor the activities to fit with specific projects and interests of the groups. We’ve been very impressed with the outcomes achieved by the groups and it’s a pleasure working with them.


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