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Kristiina Sandoe – Ends of the Earth

There’s a new exhibition at INTRA through June – our favourite collagraph artist Kristiina Sandoe has also mastered Gelli monoprinting and these works are inspired by recent travels to New Zealand and Finland. The clever layered imagery captures the atmosphere of these landscapes beautifully, and with intriguing similarities and contrasts.

Kristiina Sandoe - Gelli Print 'Huka Falls, near Taupo'

Gelli monoprints, collagraphs and sketchbook drawings are shown together, revealing a wonderfully rich development process. Both print methods come alive with the use of textured scrap materials and Kristiina manages to control them with incredible skill. Her field drawings are made swiftly and provide essential reference for prints made back in the studio, without losing any of the energy felt in the landscape.

With the Gelli plate method, colourful transparent layers are built up one by one and the light in these printed scenes glows and shimmers. Ink is rolled onto a rubbery surface, textured materials are pressed into it to transfer marks, and torn stencils placed to define edges before paper is laid over the ink and a section of the print is made. It feels reminiscent of painting, working fast and knowing when to stop adding marks is key.

The collagraphs explore more moody and structural aspects of these places and you can lose yourself exploring the rugged surfaces of cliffs and river beds in these artworks.


Many of the collagraphs were printed on the large Rochat etching press at INTRA’s print studio, Medway Fine Printmakers, and we are delighted to be showing them as part of the Medway Print Festival 2019.

Each print involves a painstaking inking process and the textured collagraph plates are works of art in themselves. Built up on a base layer of cardboard the image is assembled from scrap materials, incised with pointed drawing implements, cut and sanded to create areas that will print with light, shade and texture. The whole plate is sealed and dried before ink is applied and wiped to unique effect for each print.

To join us on these textural travels, drop in on Mon, Thu, Sat, Sun 10am – 4pm, or Wed 11am – 6pm.
INTRA, 337-341 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1DA

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