Recycling with Terracycle

We’re keen re-users, upcyclers and recyclers at INTRA, and always looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce. So we were happy to find Terracycle and sign up to some of their schemes targeting hard-to-recycle waste and diverting it from landfill.

Terracycle partners with some of the companies responsible for packaging that can’t be recycled through local council schemes, and makes it possible for items such as crisp packets, pens, toothpaste tubes, beauty products and sweet wrappers to be recycled via collections based in local communities. Individuals apply to become collectors, and venues can also apply to be public drop-off points. The collected waste raises money for charities as Terracycle make small payments in exchange for the shipments they receive. The recycled waste gets turned into benches, fence posts, shoes and other recycled products.

You can view all Terracycle’s recycling programmes on their website, and each scheme has a map with public drop-off locations.

INTRA has been accepted for collection of Pringles tubes and oral care products such as toothbrushes, and we have collection bins for these in our workspace. Hopefully we’ll join collections of other items in the future. If you drop off clean waste to us, you can help us to raise money for our venue at the same time as protecting the environment. Please have a look at the posters below to see what we can and can’t accept on these recycling schemes. For drop-off of large amounts please visit us during our opening hours. Small amounts can also be dropped through our letterbox if you’re passing by out of hours.

Colgate_- Oral Care Products accepted_waste poster
Pringles_Tube accepted waste poster

Sadly we have discontinued crisp packet collection as it was really hard work checking and sorting them, and we don’t have the spare hours. We now drop off our empty crisp packets to other Terracycle collectors.

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