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Sarina Mantle: Sacred Feminine – Portraits of Women & Plants

September brings powerful female energy to our street as Sarina Mantle shows her beautiful, colourful paintings in our windows gallery, with ‘Sacred Feminine – Portraits of women and plants’. A big thank you to Sarina, and also Jas Dhillon who curated this show.

Sarina Mantle is an illustrator and visual artist based in London. She is also the creator of the popular international selling colouring book Women + Patterns + Plants, and the founder of the art and lifestyle brand Wildsuga.

Her work combines mixed medium techniques such as digital, hand printed patterns & paintings. She centres her work around themes exploring her identity coming from the Caribbean islands of St Lucia and Jamaica, connection to the mystical and natural world, self-care, insights from her travels to south America and spirituality.

Sarina’s exhibition encapsulates an urgent yet empowering call to return to the natural world. Her work chants an almost psychedelic kaleidoscope of colours transporting you to other worlds.

Alongside her art Sarina also facilitates creative workshops for adults and children. You can find her all her creations online at

The original paintings are for sale at Intra Arts throughout September, but also check out Sarina’s range of giclee art prints at @wildsuga on Instagram and on her website.

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