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Holly Chadd –

We’re delighted to have ceramic artist Holly Chadd as our windows gallery artist this month.

‘One for the Road’ brings together recent sculptures and 2D works, exploring the things we put our faith in today. These shrine-like works aim to bring some light in to November’s dull days and long nights.

Light a candle to celebrate your regrets, wire crystals to a prayer for a life partner, stash your secrets in a snuffbox with a gold leafed interior.

The setting of Intra Arts and its shopfront window provide the ideal location for these works which explore our relationship to consumerism and a play on the devotional anticipation of Black Friday.

Holly Chadd (b. 1985, Newark, UK) is a sculpture graduate of the RCA currently working out of studios at Nucleus Arts, just down the high street from us in Chatham. She has always been interested in our relationships and emotional attachments to objects and everyday things, and how the act of making can be a cathartic process, and perhaps even an act of faith. The aesthetics of the works reflect touch, mark making and denote the time and labour it takes to make the work, along with the process of making itself. 

Devotional objects and Memento Mori are ongoing sources of inspiration for her, along with modern substitutes for religion and words, always words!

Follow @selection_box on Instagram or visit for enquiries and commissions.

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